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  • Jul 30, 2018
    Surveillance or Metastasis-Directed Therapy for Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer Recurrence: A Prospective, Randomized, Multicenter Phase II Trial

    The question of how aggressively to treat oligometastatic disease, and whether or not there is a benefit to doing so, is an evolving paradigm in multiple disease sites. This is of particular importance in primary histologies with a long natural history, such as breast and prostate cancer, where patients may live for years with a diagnosis of metastatic disease. These authors report on the results of a Phase II, multi-center study in which patients with asymptomatic patients with prostate cancer and fewer than 4 extracranial metastases were randomized to either surveillance or metastasis-directed therapy (MDT) at all detected lesions (using either surgery or stereotactic body radiotherapy). The primary endoint was androgen-deprivation free survival, and ADT was started at symptomatic progression, progression to more than 3 metastases, or local progression of known metastases. This study enrolled 62 patients, with 31 patients in each arm. The median ADT-free survival time was 13 months for patients in the surveillance arm and 21 months in the MDT arm (HR 0.60, 80% CI 0.40 –0.90). There were no symptomatic or local progression events observed in the MDT group, whereas 3 and 6 events occurred in the surveillance arm, respectively. The authors conclude that MDT is safe and effective compared to surveillance.
    This is an important study that provides support of metastasis-directed therapy for oligometastatic disease. Metastasis-directed therapy has become more common in recent years, particularly as SBRT becomes more widely used and available. 


    Journal & Date: Journal of Clinical Oncology 36, no. 5 (February 2018) 446-453.
    Key Institution: Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium
    Keywords: Oligometastatic disease, prostate cancer, metastasis-directed therapy



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