Linking Minds to Expand the Boundaries of Radiosurgery: Varian Symposium at RSS 2016 – Orlando, FL – June 15, 2016

The following presentations were delivered during the Varian Medical Systems Symposium at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Radiosurgery Society (RSS) in Orlando, Florida.  Varian's Medical Affairs team is pleased to make these videos available for clinicians who were unable to attend.

Linking Minds to Expand the Boundaries of Radiosurgery

Harnessing the Synergy of Radiosurgery & Immunotherapy: Your EDGE in the Future of Cancer Care


Introduction, Session 1Raymond Schulz, MSc (Varian Medical Systems) – 01:11


Oligometastatic Disease – Truth or Consequences

Steve Chmura, MD, PhD (University of Chicago) – 19:24


Updated National Trends in Linac Radiosurgery Utilization for Brain Metastases

Henry Park, MD, MPH (Yale University) – 14:36


Poly-metastatic Radiosurgery: How Many is Too Many?

John Fiveash, MD (University of Alabama - Birmingham) – 15:50


SRS for Oligomets & Repeat Oligomets with OSMS tracking at UCSD

Clark Chen, MD, PhD (University of California - San Diego) – 15:30


Q&A Session I: Raymond Schulz, MSc (Varian Medical Systems) – 14:23


Introduction, Session II: Raymond Schulz, MSc (Varian Medical Systems) – 0:18


Getting the Most of EDGE™– Functional Radiosurgery Targeting 

Evan Thomas, MD, PhD (University of Alabama - Birmingham) – 21:08


Surface-Based Monitoring in Image-Guided SRS at Henry Ford Hospital

Karen Chin-Snyder, MS (Henry Ford Hospital) – 15:45


Frameless SRS: Just How Accurate Are We?

Toufik Djemil, PhD (Cleveland Clinic - Florida) – 15:45


Growing a Community-Based SRS Program: Keys to Success

Matt Manning, MD (Cone Health, Greensboro, North Carolina) – 11:58


SRS Primes the Immune System: Rationale/Evidence for the Abscopal Effect

Andy Sharabi, MD (University of California - San Diego) – 17:00


EDGE Radiosurgery @ CCF: Clinical Experience – Poised for the Future

John Greskovich, Jr, MD (Cleveland Clinic - Florida) – 26:03

Q&A Section II: Raymond Schulz, MSc

(Varian Medical Systems): 7:03