These example dosemetric scorecards are compatible with the MAAS-PlanScoreCard tool and are to be used for illustrative purposes only.  Referece Protocols often provide only the initial or minimal score metrics, these example ScoreCards award points for exceeding base clinical goal thresholds.  Varian does not provide medical advice, example ScoreCards are not medical advice.

Tx Site Rx (Max/Nom) Fraction Reference Protocol(s) / Study ScoreCard Example Case Download Latest
Prostate SBRT 40Gy (SIB) 8Gy ARTIA ProstateSBRT(40Gy)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 6/6/2024
Prostate 79.2Gy 1.8Gy RTOG0126 Prostate(79.2Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/12/2022
Prostate+LNs 70Gy (SIB) 2.5Gy NRG GU005 Prostate+LNs (70Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/12/2022
Prostate Bed 68Gy (SIB) 2Gy NRG GU008 / RADICALS-RT Prostate-Bed(68Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/19/2022
Prostate (FLAME) 94.5Gy (SIB) 2.7Gy FLAME Trial Prostate-FLAME(94.5Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/19/2022
Prostate SBRT 40Gy (SIB) 8Gy 2016 AAMD / RSS Plan Study ProstateSBRT(40Gy)_2016AAMD-RSS_PlanStudy 4/15/2016
Breast 50Gy 2Gy 2014 AAMD / ROR Plan Challenge WholeBreast(50Gy)_2014AAMD-ROR_PlanStudy 3/26/2014
Breast 42.56Gy 2.66Gy RTOG1005 WholeBreast(42.56Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/14/2022
Chestwall+LNs 50Gy 2Gy NSABP51/RTOG1304/Alliance A221505 Comprehensive-CW(50Gy)__2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/14/2022
Breast+LNs 50Gy 2Gy NSABP51/RTOG1304 Comprehensive-Breast(50Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/14/2022
Breast+LNs 50Gy 2Gy 2016 Plan Competition BreastLateStage(50Gy)_2016PlanCompetition 2/8/2016
Breast APBI 30Gy 6Gy Florence trial APBI(30Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/13/2022
Lung/Mediastinum 60Gy 2Gy NRG LU004 / Atkins KM 2021 Lung(60Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/14/2022
Lung 61.2Gy 1.8Gy 2021 AAMD Plan Study Lung(61.2Gy)_2021AAMD_PlanStudy 4/26/2021
Lung 63Gy 1.8Gy 2012 AAMD / ROR Plan Challenge Lung(63Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV1 5/25/2022
Lung-SBRT 60Gy 20Gy 2014 AAPM / ROR Plan Challenge Lung(60Gy)_2014AAPM-ROR_Planstudy 1/30/2014
Lung (PTV12cc) SBRT 50Gy 10Gy RTOG0813 LungSBRT12cc(50Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/19/2022
Lung (PTV24cc) SBRT 34Gy 34Gy RTOG0915 LungSBRT24cc(34Gy)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 4/22/2024
Lung (PTV45cc) SBRT 34Gy 34Gy RTOG0915 LungSBRT45cc(34Gy)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 6/6/2024
Lung (PTV60cc) SBRT 34Gy 34Gy RTOG0915 LungSBRT60cc(34Gy)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 6/8/2024
Head-and-Neck 70Gy (SIB) 2Gy NRG HN004 H&N(70Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/12/2022
Head-and-Neck 70Gy (SIB) 2Gy 2017 QADS / PK Plan Challenge H&N(70Gy)_2017QADS-ProKnow_PlanStudy 12/23/2016
Head-and-Neck 70Gy(SIB) 2Gy 2013 Pinnacle / ROR Plan Challenge H&N(70Gy)_2013Pinnacle-ROR_PlanStudy 10/5/2013
Head-and-Neck 63Gy(SIB) 2.1Gy 2023 AAMD Plan Challenge H&N(63Gy)_2023AAMD_PlanStudy 6/13/2023
Head-and-Neck 70Gy (SIB) 2Gy NRG-HN004 H&N(70Gy_RapidPlan)_2023MAAS_ExampleV1 11/16/2023
Esophagus 50.4Gy (SIB) 1.8Gy 2019 Varian Plan Challenge Esophagus(50.4Gy)_2019RTOG1010_PlanStudy 10/26/2019
Pancreas 52Gy (SIB) 2Gy RTOG0848 Pancreas(52.0Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV1 5/25/2022
Pancreas 52Gy (SIB) 2Gy 2012 AAMD / ROR Plan Challenge Pancreas(52Gy)_2012AAPM_Planstudy 7/23/2012
Pancreas SBRT 40Gy 8Gy UK Consensus PancreasSBRT(40Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/19/2022
Pancreas SBRT 36Gy (SIB) 7.2Gy Alliance A021501 PancreasSBRT(36Gy)_2023MAAS_ExampleV1 5/24/2023
Pancreas+Liver Mets 50Gy (SIB) 10Gy 2022 AAMD Plan Study Pancreas+LiverMets(50Gy)_2022AAMD_PlanStudy 4/25/2022
Liver SBRT 50Gy 10Gy UK Consensus/RTOG1112 LiverSBRT(50Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/19/2022
Spine SBRT 25Gy 25Gy 2017 TROG / Proknow Plan Study SpineSBRT(25Gy)_2017TROG_PlanStudy 1/1/2017
Brain 60Gy 2Gy RTOG0825 Brain(60Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/21/2022
Brain-HSWBv2 30Gy 3Gy NRG-CC001 HCSWBv2(30Gy)__2022MAAS_ExampleV1 5/25/2022
Brain-ModHSWB20Gy 20Gy 4Gy CCTG CE.7 ModHCSWB(20Gy)_2023MAAS_ExampleV1 10/13/2023
Brain-LtdHSWB20Gy 20Gy 4Gy CCTG CE.7 LtdHCSWB(20Gy)_2023MAAS_ExampleV1 10/13/2023
Anus+LN 50.4Gy (SIB) 1.8Gy 2013 AAMD / ROR Plan Challenge Anus(50.4Gy)_2013AAMD-ROR_PlanStudy 5/25/2022
Anus 50.4Gy (SIB) 1.8Gy RTOG0529 Anus(50.4Gy)_2022MASS_ExampleV1 6/27/2013
GYN 45Gy 1.8Gy NRG GY006 GYN(45Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 8/2/2022
GYN  50Gy (SIB) 2Gy 2018 ProKnow Plan Challenge GYN(50Gy)_2018ProKnow_PlanStudy 1/25/2018
Prostate Fossa+LN 68Gy (SIB) 2Gy 2011 AAMD / ROR Plan Challenge ProstateFossaLN(68Gy)_2011AAMD-ROR_PlanChallenge 9/1/2011
Liver SBRT 50Gy 10Gy RTOG1112 LiverSBRT(50Gy)_RTOG1112_ExampleV1 6/9/2022
Breast 26Gy 5.2Gy FAST-Forward Trial WholeBreast(26Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV2 9/14/2022
Breast+LNs 57Gy(SIB) 2.28Gy NCT02384733 LtBreast(50G57GySIB)_2022MAAS_ExampleV1 12/09/2022
Breast+LNs 30Gy(SIB) 6Gy NCT02384733/FAST-Forward Trial LtBreast(26/30GySIB)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 6/4/2024
Breast+LNs 57Gy(SIB) 2.28Gy   RtBreast(50G57GySIB)_2022MAAS_ExampleV1 12/09/2022
Breast+LNs 30Gy(SIB) 6Gy   RtBreast(26/30GySIB)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 6/4/2024
Breast+LNs 57Gy(SIB) 2.28Gy   Breast(50G57GySIB)_2022MAAS_ExampleV1 12/09/2022
Breast+LNs 30Gy(SIB) 6Gy   Breast(26/30GySIB)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 6/4/2024
Breast+LNs 48Gy(SIB) 3.2Gy NCT02384733 LtBreast(40G48GySIB_2023MAAS_ExampleV1 08/25/2023
Brain-HSWB 20Gy 4Gy CCTG CE.7 HCSWB(20Gy)_2022MAAS_ExampleV1 12/20/2022
Cervix 45Gy 1.8Gy ARTIA Cervix(45Gy)_2023MAAS_ExampleV1 06/29/2023
TMLI Male 12Gy 1.5Gy   TMLImale(12Gy)_2024MAAS_ExampleV1 06/08/2024