Rx: 50Gy/25fx

2016 Radiotherapy plan competition

4:43 (total) IMRT treatment field delivery time (two isocenter plan)

Simple DVH Metrics

Name (ID): Saudi_PC2016, FEB-2016 (AhmadPC LT BREAST)
Plan or PlanSum ID: SX1_2IsoID

Structure ID Structure Code Patient Structure DVH Objective Evaluator Variation Priority Met Achieved
PTV_TOT_EVAL   PTV_TOT_EVAL D99.0%[Gy] >=47.5 45   Goal 48.858 Gy
PTV_TOT_EVAL   PTV_TOT_EVAL D95.0%[Gy] >=50 45   Goal 50.066 Gy
PTV_TOT_EVAL   PTV_TOT_EVAL D50.0%[Gy] <=52 54   Goal 51.312 Gy
PTV_TOT_EVAL   PTV_TOT_EVAL D0.03cc[Gy] <=55 57   Variation 55.138 Gy
HEART   HEART Mean[Gy] <=4 5   Goal 3.932 Gy
HEART   HEART V15.0Gy[%] <=15 20   Goal 3.17 %
HEART   HEART D5.0%[Gy] <=20 25   Goal 10.145 Gy
BREAST_RIGHT   BREAST_RIGHT D0.03cc[Gy] <=2 3   Not met 13.702 Gy
BREAST_RIGHT   BREAST_RIGHT D5.0%[Gy] <=2 3   Goal 2.000 Gy
SPINAL CORD   SPINAL CORD D0.03cc[Gy] <=8 20   Goal 7.867 Gy
LUNG_RIGHT   LUNG_RIGHT V5.0Gy[%] <=3 6   Goal 2.32 %
LUNG_LEFT   LUNG_LEFT Mean[Gy] <=9 15   Goal 8.900 Gy
LUNG_LEFT   LUNG_LEFT V20.0Gy[%] <=15 20   Goal 12.80 %
LUNG_LEFT   LUNG_LEFT V10.0Gy[%] <=30 40   Goal 24.56 %
LUNG_LEFT   LUNG_LEFT V5.0Gy[%] <=50 70   Variation 50.78 %
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Technical Plan Comments

This international plan competition, held by a group in Saudi Arabia, used a large intact breast and involved lymph node case.  The target (including the superior nodes) proved too large (head to foot) to fit inside a single isocenter beam arrangement on this linear accelerator.  Two isocenters were placed with a single 10cm head to foot shift to accommodate the large target.  Ten (10) non equally spaced beams were placed on each isocenter with beams arranged closely on the further medial and lateral sides and further apart in the center of the breast.  All twenty (20) beams were optimized together in a single plan and the plans were then broken into two separate single isocenter plans for treatment delivery as required by the inital delivery system software release.  Dose constraints for the scoring metric on this case were built from a superset of those constraints found in RTOG-1304.  The biggest challenges in this case were:

  1. Forcing dose out of the heart, lung and contralateral breast with higher OAR objectives in the inverse planning optimizer
  2. Controlling the location of the max dose to be inside the lumpectomy cavity as defined in the scoring metrics. 

Retrospectivly, this plan scored higher than 95% of the plans originally submitted into the competition.  The critical components contributing the plan performance were:

  1. The flattening filter free beam employed by this machine inherently produces less out of field dose than a “flattened” beam
  2. the dual layer stacked and staggered MLC with reduced interleaf leakage

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