Rx: 70Gy/35fx to PTV70, also PTV63 and PTV56 (simultaneous integrated boost)

2017 QADS / ProKnow Plan Study

3:30 IMRT Treatment field delivery time

Simple DVH Metrics

Name (ID): 2017 QADS Head Neck PS, head and neck (2017 QADS PS HN)
Plan or PlanSum ID: SX2c_145.39

Structure ID Structure Code Patient Structure DVH Objective Evaluator Variation Priority Met Achieved
PTV_70   PTV_70 V70Gy[%] >=95 90   Variation 94.22 %
PTV_70   PTV_70 V73.5Gy[%] <=0 10   Goal 0.00 %
PTV_70   PTV_70 D0.03cc[Gy] <71.3 77   Variation 72.427 Gy
CTV_70   CTV_70 V70Gy[%] >=99 95   Goal 99.79 %
PTV63 - PTV70   PTV63 - PTV70 V63Gy[%] >=95 90   Goal 96.13 %
PTV63 - PTV70   PTV63 - PTV70 V66.15Gy[%] <=20 60   Variation 30.48 %
CTV63 - CTV70   CTV63 - CTV70 V63Gy[%] >=99 95   Goal 99.96 %
PTV56 - PTV63   PTV56 - PTV63 V56Gy[%] >=95 90   Goal 95.31 %
PTV56 - PTV63   PTV56 - PTV63 V58.8Gy[%] <30 60   Goal 20.64 %
CTV56 - CTV63   CTV56 - CTV63 V56Gy[%] >=99 95   Goal 99.89 %
SPINAL_CORD   SPINAL_CORD D0.03cc[Gy] <47.999 48   Goal 46.933 Gy
BRAINSTEM   BRAINSTEM D0.03cc[Gy] <51.999 52   Goal 50.104 Gy
RT COCHLEA   RT COCHLEA D0.03cc[Gy] <=35 45   Goal 24.849 Gy
LT COCHLEA   LT COCHLEA D0.03cc[Gy] <=35 45   Goal 28.759 Gy
LIPS   LIPS V30Gy[%] <=20 40   Goal 15.06 %
RT_PAROTID   RT_PAROTID Mean[Gy] <24 30   Goal 23.948 Gy
MANDIBLE1   MANDIBLE1 V70Gy[%] <=10 25   Goal 9.32 %
LARYNX   LARYNX Mean[Gy] <40 50   Goal 38.203 Gy
Post Neck1   Post Neck1 V35Gy[%] <=10 30   Goal 9.25 %
ScoreCard Metrics
Technical Plan Comments

This plan was created with the .5cm effective leaf size configuration.  Nine (9) static gantry positions were selected such that the beams follow the inverted V target shape in the transverse view.  Uniquie colimator rotations were selected from the beams eye view.  This case demonstrates an example of the plan qualitry gains to be achieved when enabling the .5cm effective leave size mode with a static gantry IMRT plan.  This actual case was entered in the 2017 QADS / ProKnow Plan Study and scored 6th overall and was the highest scoring static gantry plan submitted to the study.  The way the published planning goals/plan quality metric was designed put a high emphasis on target dose homogenetity rather than on more aggressive OAR sparing. 

Comparative Plan Quality

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